National First-Generation College Celebration

Since 2017, institutions, corporations, non-profits, and K-12 schools from across the nation have celebrated first-generation students, faculty, staff, and alumni on November 8th, however we know many personal and professional celebrations have occurred throughout the years as first-generation college students have not only graduated, but also gone on to become Firsts in many other roles….

TACUSPA Presidency – Day 365

This time last year I was preparing to start my term as President for The Texas Association of College and University Student Personnel Administrators, more commonly known as TACUSPA. Our 96-year-old association is guided by a mission to enhance higher education and student success by cultivating relationships and engagement that promote leadership development among current…

Be Intentional About Your Success

I recently spoke that the Collegiate 100 Leadership Conference, hosted by 100 Black Men of Metropolitan Houston. I was excited to accept this opportunity as their theme, Black Excellence: Be Intentional About Your Success, connects to the way I approach life. It’s always an honor to be invited to speak at events, especially when I…

TACUSPA Presidency – Day 1

Today marked the start of my year-long presidency with the Texas Association of College and University Student Personnel Administrators, more commonly known as TACUSPA. To mark this occasion I’m sharing my remarks from today. Thank you for your support!

Have You Heard of Gen Z?

Have you heard of Generation Z? It would seem the media hasn’t either. As I browse through various news outlets there continues to be an overwhelming number of articles referencing millennial college students. Yes, there are plenty of millennial college students, but the mistake in the messaging is that it makes it sound like millennials…

10 Higher Education Questions I Can’t Help But Wonder About

As institutions of higher education cope with the global pandemic, I can’t help but think about the implications our rapid change will have on the future. There are only a few occasions in my lifetime that I recall institutions of our size making such strong pivots and in every instant, there were ripples that impacted…

Let’s Play Professional Polish Bingo

According to Business Insider 80% of America’s population, or about 265 million people, under some form of lock down. Take a break from social media and play Professional Polish Bingo! The game is simple, go for three in a row or a total blackout. The best part is everyone’s a winner!

Leading through Change

Individual leadership styles are shaped by innate characteristics, lessons learned through formal and informal training, and experiences across our lifetime. Over the past few weeks I’ve observed many different responses from leaders and have wondered if there is any correlation between the leadership styles and characteristics we naturally gravitate to and our personal leadership aspirations….

Now Enrolling: The Runnels Learning Schedule

Like many of you, the Runnels household has made some adjustments to provide a sense of stability amid the crisis in the world around us. While there are many examples of daily schedules being implemented by parents to help their children remain academically engaged, I thought I would share our schedule as another option for…