Let’s Play Professional Polish Bingo

According to Business Insider 80% of America’s population, or about 265 million people, under some form of lock down. Take a break from social media and play Professional Polish Bingo! The game is simple, go for three in a row or a total blackout. The best part is everyone’s a winner!

Here a a few tools to get you through the game!

  1. Kick off your polish with a throwback. Read Hurry Up and Wait…Then Try the 4 Point Personal Polish
  2. Create a Google Alert for yourself to gain some control over your personal brand.
  3. Become a LinkedIn All-Star! Make sure your profile is complete and updated.
  4. Give your resume a shine. Read Resumes, CVs, Oh My!
  5. Take a look through your gallery and update your LinkedIn head shot! If you don’t have one on hand, think about updating yours.
  6. Tired of reading the same things? Find two new things to learn about to elevate your skills.
  7. Want to feel powerful, happy, or ready for battle? Find a new theme song to add to your personal playlist!
  8. Do you have a dream job? Cyber search people who have that job, research their experience, and read through their job description. It’s a great way to set goals.
  9. Take a few moments to check in with your network. Those in your professional community are likely having similar experiences, but everyone appreciate being thought of.
  10. BONUS: It may not be the holiday season, but you may learn a thing or two about preparing for the hiring season

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