Leading through Change

Individual leadership styles are shaped by innate characteristics, lessons learned through formal and informal training, and experiences across our lifetime. Over the past few weeks I’ve observed many different responses from leaders and have wondered if there is any correlation between the leadership styles and characteristics we naturally gravitate to and our personal leadership aspirations. Essentially, are we evaluating other’s responses based on our personal set of metrics? The likely answer is yes, we are, but don’t be too discouraged by this.

Regardless of your preferred leadership style there are a few powerful ways we can all lead in moments of change and uncertainty.

Be Honest

We live in a world where things are true, but they aren’t always the truth. In difficult moments people are looking for sources of truth so share what you can and be honest when you don’t have answers. Make sure you also understand the parameters and limitations of the information you share.

Be Empathetic

It’s important to assess the needs of others, spoken and unspoken, in your decision making and consider this in your proactive and reactive measures. Be a voice for those who have none, but maintain balance so that you don’t treat people as though they are helpless and need a savior.

Be Human

No one is expecting any single person on this planet to have every answer, so take a deep breath and remember you’re human, and so is the rest of the world. Treat every moment as an opportunity to do your best and remember we’re all doing the best we can, otherwise we’d be doing more.

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