Now Enrolling: The Runnels Learning Schedule

Like many of you, the Runnels household has made some adjustments to provide a sense of stability amid the crisis in the world around us. While there are many examples of daily schedules being implemented by parents to help their children remain academically engaged, I thought I would share our schedule as another option for families trying to find their rhythm.

In an effort to provide a little context I feel compelled to share that my husband and I are both still working. I’m fortunate to have the option to work from home, should I choose to, but at the moment I’m still working both at home and in the office. We’ve decided to keep all of our children home, even though the daycare that my youngest attends is still open and we’re still paying tuition. I should also mention that I recognize that my family has both known and unknown privileges as we navigate this moment in time, but again, I’m sharing our approach as another option to consider.

We anticipate some changes once, and if, my school-aged children start online courses, but one thing I know for sure is that I am no teacher and I’m not trying to be a substitute. Teachers are trained professionals so our ultimate goal is to keep our children’s minds engaged and ensure they maintain their respect for routine. I’m confident in the abilities of the teachers in our community and recognize that our school leaders are doing the best they can with the information they have.

Have you found a schedule that works for your family? Ours is constantly evolving so I’m always looking for new content and resources. Share your schedule or favorite resources in the comments section!


Khan Academy
Scholastic Learn at Home
ABC Sign Language
Toddler Dance Videos
NASA Videos**
How It’s Made
Amazon Prime Kindle
Khan Academy App

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