Action Through Affirmation: 11 Quotes to Reconnect with Yourself

“Yesterday you said tomorrow

Last year I added this statement as a screen saver to my phone because I realized I had developed a severe case of procrastination fueled by insecurities, overthinking, and a desire for perfection. I, like many others, was paralyzed into inaction (Alan Lightman) and decided it was time to make some changes. I began surrounding myself with messages that promoted swift, strong, and thoughtful action and found myself constantly referring to Newton’s first law, an object in motion tends to stay in motion. Oddly enough, it worked!

I won’t say that this shift in my mindset led me to achieve prominent goals, but it helped me return to myself. I believe that our values and desires are similar to a boat that is anchored at the bottom of the ocean floor. Waves may move our boats to and fro, but as long as we remain connected to that anchor we can find our way back to what makes us feel most like ourselves. When that anchor begins to drag along the ocean floor we lose control and connection to what centers us. Even though life’s not bad, no one ever feels completely right when they feel off-center.

Years ago, when I started this blog it began with a series of my favorite quotes. These quotes, sometimes referred to as Ashleyism’s, often help me reconnect with my center. Albert Einstein once said “coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous”, but I’ll add that when you are firmly anchored and moving towards things that allow you to be your most authentic self, coincidence seems to occur much more frequently. Here are a few of my favorite Ashleyism’s that help me get back to myself.

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