Passion to Purpose: July 2019

If you’re anything like me you get really excited when you see other people living their best life and fulfilling their purpose. You’ve also likely realized by now that I appreciate people who embrace their entrepreneurial spirit, especially those who invest in themselves for the purpose of investing in others.

In addition to the wonderful experiences and friendships I gained while working at Texas State University, I also had the distinct pleasure to meet a fellow millennial, Jullien Gordon, who was building a business by speaking his truth and encouraging others to do the same.

I distinctly remember a conversation we had about how addiction can show itself in many different forms, including being a workaholic, and the detrimental impact it can have on a family. I always appreciated that perspective because it reminded me of the importance of managing and remaining in control of my work. Just because it’s not a substance, doesn’t mean it can’t have harmful effects if an unhealthy addiction forms.

Since that time he’s transformed and expanded his brand beyond college speaking tours and it’s been so fun to watch. So often I meet people who have lots of great ideas and experiences to share, but never move their ideas into action because they are too concerned with the risks. If this sounds like you, I encourage you to visit Jullien’s website, not only to discover his brand, but to also explore what products or services he may have for you.  My hope is that you are encouraged to explore every idea you have and know that even when your ideas don’t seem connected, sometimes you have to be the common thread to bring it all together.

Although there are lots of great discussion points in his presentations and content, below I’ve highlighted a few highlights from his page that I think would be a great addition to any website. Enjoy!

  1. Starting with the Core: Do you have your vision, mission, values, core beliefs, core practices and unique abilities documented somewhere? We often think about these things, but there is something powerful seeing them in writing.
  2. Free Stuff!: The website includes a section of free downloads, books, and online courses. Whether you’re looking for information about being paid to speak, self publishing, or financial freedom there’s information to get you started.
  3. Side Hustle Conversations: A series of 14 anonymous interviews with full-time professionals who have side hustles.
  4. Blog: Looking for a few quick reads? One of my favorites is: High Performers vs. Workaholics: 7 Subtle Differences.

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