What’s Your Purpose?

Have you ever thought about your purpose in life? It seems that regardless of age people are always searching for their purpose. More often than not they are also rationalizing their actions in life by aligning them with their perceived purpose.

When I decided to refocus on this blog I found myself in a similar situation. I had many conversations trying to figure out what the ultimate purpose of this blog was and found that focusing too much on one given area felt as though I was alienating all of the others. I tried encompassing it all in the idea of “helping others become the best version of themself”, but recently I realized that was a very superficial attempt to create alignment among my various interests Nd perspectives.

Recently I had a revelation that seems so obvious but literally felt as though I had found my answer. For whatever reason I’ve always viewed my purpose as singular. In fact I figured that once I discovered this “purpose” all things would become clear. However it wasn’t until recently I began considering that I don’t have one single purpose, I have many. As each season of life comes and goes we acquire new purposes and callings that not only build us, but those around us as well.

I’ll admit I’m still trying to figure out a tagline for this blog, but I hope that it continues to demonstrate that you don’t have to be one thing or another, you can be it all. Embrace each and every purpose you have whether that be a educator, friend, entrepreneur, nerd, public servant, rebel, or Godparent. I’m pretty sure that we embrace all of our purposes they synergy created among them will over lead to something more amazing.

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