Passion to Purpose: June 2019

One of the best things about working in higher education is the abundance of amazing people you get to meet. This month’s Passion to Purpose post highlights three people that have transformed their innate gifts and lived experiences into powerful tools to create change for others. Please visit their website, support their efforts, and remember sharing is caring!


  1. T’Liza Kiel is a Mental Health First Aid Instructor, public speaker, writer, advocate, veteran, and family woman. She is a vocal advocate for veteran issues, under-served communities, and mental health. In addition to booking opportunities, her website includes powerful blogs related to well-being, adulting, her service to our country, and her faith.
  2. The Queue with Que is a social media platform, hosted by Quentin Jiles. With a boisterous personality and unapologetic opinions about nearly everything, Que discusses the latest current event, political news, and hot topics. To capture the full experience of his personality visit his YouTube channel.
  3. The Financial Freedom Educator, Danielle J. Davis, is a personal finance educator and speak for high school and college students and adults. Through cross country travel, social media, and one-on-one coaching, she educates others on financial literacy and strategies to help others establish financial freedom for their future.

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