Mid-Manager’s Institute: 5 Years Later

MMI14Five years ago I completed the 2014 NASPA Region III/SACSA Mid-Manager’s Institute at Texas Christian University. The Mid-Manager’s Institute (MMI) is a focused and unique professional development experience that offers an opportunity for mid-level professionals to enhance and develop the skills, relationships, and dispositions that distinguish them in the profession and enables them to make more meaningful contributions to the people and programs they serve.

It was through this experience and the amazing relationships I built in my first year at Texas State University, that I realized the power of a strong network and true synergy. As I prepare to serve as faculty for the 2019 NASPA Region III/SACSA New Professional’s Institute (NPI) I can’t help but reflect on my cohort’s collective growth and influence in higher education over the years. Through promotions, weddings, births, and many other moments in life, we’ve always remained connected, engaged, and supportive at every turn. Even though we may not see each other often the bond that ties us together is one I am so appreciative of.

I’ve been to many professional development opportunities during my 13+ year career, but what I have always loved about this experience was that the seeds of wisdom planted in us are still blooming today as we advance and expand as both professionals and individuals navigating this crazy thing called life. I also realized through this experience the value and power of vulnerability, which has been transformational for me. I believe I’ve always been able to see potential in others and have worked to help others become the best version of themselves, but this desire combined with vulnerability and authenticity has created some incredible moments for me as I’ve attempted to support and uplift others.

I look forward to honoring my MMI cohort, MMI faculty, and colleagues that approved my appointment by striving to create an environment for this year’s NPI participants that cultivates excellence, a spirit of inquiry, and a disregard for the impossible. Why? Because it’s our job and obligation as educators to cultivate lifelong learners, including our colleagues.


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