Passion to Purpose: May 2019

photogrid_15575369778251233366587743159142.jpgYears ago my husband came home with a new digital camera and a giant smile on his face. As long as I’ve known him his smile has been infectious and his charm, whether it be in a social or professional setting, has always brought out the best in people. I knew the moment I saw that camera that photography would forever be a factor in my life. Throughout the years he has cultivated this gift and found ways to use it to not only uplift others, but also provide access to an invaluable opportunity to capture their happiest moments. From weddings to graduations to sports events to conferences to families and so many more, he has captured memories for friends, family, and acquaintances alike.

Year after year people have encouraged him to take hold of his gift and I am so proud to share that he has finally decided to listen and make this thing Facebook official. His photography talent has been developing over the years and I continue to be impressed with his skills, but this month I want to acknowledge his ability to live his passion and purpose of bringing joy to others.

Be sure to check out his Facebook page:

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  1. Bridgette Houston says:

    I look forward to my future sessions with Smiley. You guys are just great😁


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