What Were You Thinking?

WHAT WERE YOU THINKING_Have you ever wondered how or why you let yourself get into the position you’re in? For the last several weeks I’ve been battling a “yes” mentality. Don’t get me wrong, I love to help other people and I also take a lot of pride in my various roles in life, but recently I’ve found myself working on things I haven’t been passionate about. In fact, sometimes I feel like the things I’m most interested in suffer because of my inability to not only say no, but my diminished availability of time. I was recently speaking to a friend at work and told her that I needed to figure out how to better manage my time, so I’ve decided to use the month of April, which is considered the month of the growing season, as a pilot to try a new time management strategy fueled by the “power of pause”.

While it is important to be an effective decision maker, I’m attempting to recalibrate process. The “power of pause” in a variety of ways including public speaking, active listening, and meditation, but I think it will help me figure out a way to manage and accomplish all of the things I’m interested (which by the way is a lot!).

I should point out that if you Google “power of pause” you’ll find lots of great resources and research about this concept, but my experiment is not based in any of these concepts. Ultimately, I’m committing to more explicitly pausing, reflecting, and proceeding with an action that is rooted in kindness towards myself, those around me, and my other responsibilities. Throughout the month I’ll post updates and examples of how my most recent personal experiment are going.

Stay tuned because it should get interesting considering I’m always looking for a project or new opportunity to learn!


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