Passion to Purpose: March 2019

Recently I attended a Black Violin concert, as well as a Michael Bublé concert. Besides being absolutely amazing, these experiences reminded me of the first symphony I attended as a child. As a child I remember really thinking I was doing something amazing when I played hot crossed buns on my recorder (I’m sure I wasn’t the only one) and when I had a chance to watch professionals it blew my mind. While we’re all gifted with some type of talent, musicians hold a special place in my heart because I’m convinced that music brings people together and articulates thoughts and feelings that are often difficult to articulate. I also love that music, especially live music, can be felt in your mind, body, and soul. This is true whether you’re listening to a marching band, sitting in a concert hall, or listening to a quartet in the French Quarter. 

This month’s post is dedicated to the outstanding musicians, including the bands and DJ, that made these concerts so spectacular. I walked away for each concert smiling because these artists found unique ways to model traits that are important for all people trying to make a change in the world.

They Celebrated Inclusion

They Demonstrated Courage

They Led with Authenticity

They may seem like simple lessons, but the truth is that I’ve never met and of these people but I was inspired by their ability to demonstrate their values in their art, passion, and purpose. For that I am grateful and hope that it reminds each of us that everyday we surround ourselves with messages that contribute to who we are and who we become. What messages are you receiving?

Have a favorite song? Tell me about it! Haven’t heard of Black Violin or Michael Bublé? Check out their YouTube channels:

Black Violin:

Michael Buble:



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