The Greatest Gift

Birthday’s have a funny way of reminding you of where you’ve been, where you’re at, and where you hope to go. While I’ve never been a person to take life for granted, this last year has reinforced my gratitude for the opportunity to live and be surrounded by those I love. By now you’ve probably figured out that I’m someone that lives life with a thankful and curious heart, but as I think about my life and the legacy I hope to leave, I always come back to the greatest gift I was ever given.

The gift was an inquisitive mind with no limits. Gifted by my parents and cultivated by the people I’ve interacted with in life, this gift has been instrumental is my development. Sometimes I’ve asked for advice and I think a story I recently told a colleague about my mindset best represents how this gift influences my life. I fully recognize I’ll never be an astronaut, but I firmly believe that I can make it to space if I chose too. How? Well besides hard work and divine intervention, I’m certain there are ways to contribute to research, technology, or simple administrative support that would contribute to NASA’s work. These avenues, although unconventional and possibly not as glamorous to some, all contribute to the ultimate goals of putting people in space. The point is that we often block our own blessings by trying to think too far in the boundaries.

So many children are taught to stop asking questions and live within social norms, but I think we should focus our efforts on helping others learn to understand their environments through critical thinking and responses so they not only see the boundaries, but also understand how to move beyond barriers that limit potential.

Obviously our lives have lots of ups and downs, but we are also provided many opportunities to restart, reinvent, and restore ourselves. So if no one has ever given you the gift of being able to dream, question, or think beyond conventional knowledge, accept this post as my gift to you.

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