In Honor of Life Partners

Jumping the Broom
Jumping the Broom

Success is often built on many tough lessons and extraordinary victories. We often look at social media to assess someone’s success, happiness, and perseverance without knowing the many prayers, moments of uncertainty, and steps of faith they took to reach those points. Unfortunately, another pillar of success that is often overlooked is the incredible support provided by life partners. I’m so incredibly blessed to have a husband that has been there to celebrate for me when I was too embarrassed, put me in my place when my pride was out of balance, and provided me with peace when I let my fears get the best of me.

While I don’t proclaim to be the best wife, I think the intent of this post is to remind you all, as well as myself, that we should never take these actions for granted. We all know that life should not be taken for granted, yet we forget to thank the people who support those we love, including ourselves. These people include spouses, family, friends, and many others that fit into unique categories in our lives. Each day, in every moment, we are creating history and, in this month that celebrates both love and the incredible sacrifices that our ancestors have made for us, I encourage you to take a moment to express your appreciation to the people that support you or support the ones you love.

To get you started I’ve listed a few of examples of times you should say thanks:

  1. Graduations: Completing a degree is tough! Trust me, I know this from multiple angles. When graduation season comes around, remember to applaud the people that made sure life continued while you studied and found ways to remind you that there is more to life than an upcoming exam. If you’re like me, give special thanks to the person that made sure the kids were occupied when you needed to take an exam or write a chapter.
  2. Brain Dumps: I’m not sure when my entrepreneurial spirit took over, but I find that I am constantly thinking of new business ideas for myself and those around me. Make sure you thank the people who take the time to not only listen to all of your random ideas, but also give special thanks to the people that actively listen and give you valuable feedback.
  3. Emotional Rollercoasters: There are lots of experiences that contribute to our success and we often take the people closest to us along on the emotional journey of life, even when we say everything is okay. Take time to thank the people who know you better than you know yourself, as they also experience the ups and downs of your journey to success, even when you don’t share it with them.

So in honor of life partners, forever valentines, and fellow history makers, who will you be thanking today?

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