Tidying Up Your Personal Life

20190213_105604_0000.pngHow you watched Netflix’s latest viral hit, Tidying Up? I’ll admit I’ve watched a few episodes and have admired another great example of someone packaging and redistributing things that we already know. Although that may sound like a snarky thing to say, I’m sure you’ve read or participated in some type of personal or professional development opportunity that was built on familiar concepts that have either been repackaged or repurposed. In fact, I’m convinced you can monetized nearly anything if you’re confident enough to sell it and can find someone gullible enough to buy it.

As I watched the various episodes and researched the method I was struck by how well the concepts aligned with personal development. In fact I think the show demonstrated that there’s a significant difference between tidying and cleaning up your life, whether it be personal, professional, or somewhere in between.

  1. Deal with your own stuff. If you think about tidying your home, you don’t require extra supplies, but when you clean your home you do require supplies such as bleach or spray. The same can be said for our lives. When tidying up your life you should focus more on assessing things that are already there. You can acquire all types of tools or supplies to clean things up, but if you don’t address the root cause of your clutter, these tools will only provide a temporary fix.
  2. Take your time. When watching the show you’ll notice these people aren’t finishing this process in a few days. Similarly, you have to be patient about creating change in your life. It took time to build the mess and it will take time to declutter and recalibrate your life. Additionally, it is important to follow through and put strategies in place make sure you are not to tempted to fill new found free time with more clutter.
  3. Relationships can strengthen when you put yourself first. This may sound selfish, but remember that 50% of any relationship is 100% you. When you are stressed or overcommitted, you bring that energy into your relationships. In order to become the best, most authentic version of yourself, we have to work from the inside out. Always find ways to make time to tidy your life, including your mind. Doing so will not only strengthen your relationships, but also model this behavior for others.
  4. Shock value works. I love when the families create mountains out of their clothes or pull out every book they own. Can you imagine if we could do this with all of our commitments? Even though we may not be able to write a mountain, I challenge you to take a blank sheet and write every commitment, responsiblity, or goal you have for the moment. Use that sheet to start thinking about where you need to tidy and/or clean up your life.
  5. Embrace your uniqueness. When watching the show you’ll notice that everyone has different results. When tidying your own life remember that it’s okay to embrace the things you care about, even if no one else understands. In a world where people always want a justification, sometimes you just have to say ‘because’ and be done with it. Our lives aren’t meant to look the same.
  6. Find what sparks joy. It may sound silly, but we have a lifetime to achieve goals and fulfill responsibilities. Listen to your intuition. As you tidy up your life, it will become easier to discern the things that bring your joy. Ultimately the concept of joy is rooted in a gratitude. Be thankful for what you have, what you don’t, what you’ve come through, and what’s to come.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Bridgette Houston says:

    Yes Amen. Beautiful


  2. Shalikha Ellis says:

    Much needed. Thanks Love.


    1. theasrtouch says:

      Of course! Thanks for reading!!


  3. jessierenea says:

    Girl , you were saying YES to my post but yours is everything right now !!! Life is always a little more peaceful when you work on YOU đź’• great post !!


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