Passion to Purpose: January 2019

When I started this blog in 2015 I intended to use it as an outlet to share some of my views on issues related to professional and personal development. As with any hobby, it has transformed with time and now as a student of blogging I find that I am constantly looking for opportunities to enhance my message and better align my passion to my purpose. If you’re like me, you may find it difficult to find the words to describe the things you’re passionate about, but you can easily identify threads of commonality in how you apply your time, talents, and treasure. To strengthen this skill I often look to others for inspiration. Not only am I constantly learning from other bloggers, but I’m also learning from other entrepreneurs and leaders who are using their talents to create change.

As someone who reads a lot , I consider it a win when I come across websites or platforms that keep me engaged, curious, and coming back for more. To celebrate these moments I am introducing a monthly Passion to Purpose post that will be dedicated to sharing examples of entrepreneurs and influencers who have turned their passion to purpose. To me, each example is great reminder that authenticity and hard work are still as powerful as ever. Happy reading!


camillia alise 2Camellia Alise: A Luxurious Razor Bump Prevention Skincare System for Men and Women.

  • What I Love: If you’re looking to better understand what it takes to build a business, look no further than Camellia Alise. In addition to offering great products, the company also provides an insider’s view of the founder’s journey to build the brand.


the flexThe Flex: The Flex is a luxury personal training studio for people who are serious about fitness.

  • What I Love: The Flex keeps a steady stream of  social media videos and updates that are both inspiring and honest. I appreciate that The Flex also boasts respecting dedication and inclusiveness, because let’s face it, if you’re just getting started you every little bit of kindness and encouragement helps.

facebook_circle_black-512instagram_circle_black-512twitterbryoni cateringBryoni Catering: Catering with a Cajun twist, touch of spice, and a dash of soul.

  • What I Love: Cookies! While I’m sure the food is fantastic, I always look forward to new cookie designs. On a more serious note, I appreciate how this owner shares herself with viewers and doesn’t hide behind her gorgeous food.


obi arisObi Aris: Artist and illustrator specializing in cartoon, comics, children’s book art, and graphic design.

  • What I Love: This artist’s work is both entertaining and powerful. Similar to the others, Obi Aris is transparent about his work, including the triumphs and challenges (can you believe people actually use his artwork with giving him credit?!) included in his work. He’s also provides a great example of the importance of cultivating your craft and demonstrates how a natural talent can become a strength.  Even though I’m not on social media regularly, I must admit, I do look forward to the Friday comic strips.


she is a ceoShe Is A CEO: The She Is A CEO Foundation is committed to using the platforms and experiences of successful female CEOs to provide opportunities and exposure to future girl leaders.

  • What I Love: What’s not to love? From the entrepreneurship academy to the “fish tank” pitch competition, I am always excited to see what they have planned. While I don’t have direct experience with this group, I admire the quality and intentionality of their work. If you’re looking for a great cause to donate to, I think this is definitely one to consider.


Do you know someone that should be highlighted? If so, share their website or social media information below, or email 

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