The Voice: A 5 Minute Challenge

the voiceDo you ever have those moments where the voice inside your head is so clear and opinionated that you’d think it is a separate person? One of the things I treasure most is my intuition and I believe that this voice is representative of that. Sometimes the voice encourages me to remain steadfast and sometimes it reminds me to put myself in check when my actions or thoughts are not in line with my values. There are also times when the voice reminds me of simple tasks throughout the day and other times I find myself thinking of snarky replies that I would never say out loud. As an orientation leader in college we used to practice an activity demonstrating the ways in which we wanted to respond to questions and the ways in which we should answer to questions. In the spirit of the new year and everyone trying to better themselves, I challenge each of you to write practice self-reflection by writing your most unfiltered thoughts for five minutes. This may seem strange, but this type of uninhibited self-reflection may help you recognize subconscious messages related to your circumstances.

When I attempted this I found myself writing about all the things I wanted to accomplish and my concerns about how to kick start these goals. What I recognized in my own writing is that I was slipping into a space where I was talking about things more than acting on them and that a severe case of procrastination was developing because of my fear to take the first step. While I can’t say that I’ve magically resolved these things, I will say I felt less vulnerable acknowledging this myself instead of being called out by those around me. If you’re like me you’ll agree that it may be shocking to hear feedback from others that you hadn’t thought of, but it stings even more when you receive that feedback and know that it’s true.

So let’s make a commitment to each other to listen to that voice in our heads. Over the next two weeks take five minutes out of your day to write your most unfiltered thoughts and see what themes show themselves. I look forward to learning more about what you discover.

Happy writing!

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