What’s Your Next Move?

sunfork1382803192.jpgRecently I’ve had the luxury of time to reflect on things that I care about and find fulfillment in. Like many, my days are often spent taking care of other people or focusing on completing a checklist. I’m often so lost in the day to day functions, I don’t take time to determine if I’m actively engaged in experiences or tasks that I’m passionate about. I’m always reminded of a friend who described her first trip to the grocery store after a breakup as enlightening because she had to determine if she was selecting items that she enjoyed or selecting items that she had gotten used to buying due to the partner’s preference.

In many ways this reminds me of how we navigate life. So many of us have ruthlessly pursued goals and aspirations, but we haven’t taken time to determine if we’re still on the right track. While our core values may endure, the way we utilize our three Ts (time, talent, and treasure) may provide some insight. Take some time to reflect and decide if you are on the right course or if you need to adjust to realign with your goals. I recognize that we all have different goals, so this doesn’t mean that you should give up everything, but if you’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit and have done nothing to feed it, take that chance now.

In the event an adjustment is needed, remember that the ability to consider an alternate future comes with a lot of privilege. Everyone doesn’t have this option and you should consider yourself fortunate. While I know a lot of people who have mastered this task and are living their dreams, I don’t think there are an exact set of rules to accomplish this. However, I think this Inc. article with Oprah is a great reminder of a simple step we must consider as we stop focusing on life as a whole and think about what’s next.

Oprah Says This Is 1 Question All Millennials Should Ask Themselves

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