Speaking of Veracity

Im-back-600x600After a long hiatus, I’m excited to re-launch The ASR Touch. Originally started as a method to cultivate conversations about topics I discussed with friends and colleagues, I’m looking forward to learning, exploring unique perspectives, and challenging assumptions through this outlet once again. After taking some time to settle into a few new adventures, I’ve been reminded that my legacy and personal brand will always be rooted in helping people become the best version of themselves, which has been often achieved by challenging the process and advocating for the advancement of truth and authenticity. While I’m still on my personal journey to excellence, I’ve decided it’s time to recommit to my desire to share with others. The ASR Touch is intended to allow for authentic and candid reflections on the common and, sometimes, unspoken, experiences of higher education professionals, as well as contribute to the narrative of shared professional experiences. Specifically, my hope is that readers and contributors:

  • Utilize the content shared to become a better version of themselves;
  • Gain knowledge that enhances and elevates their service to the profession;
  • Find community in the shared experienced of perspectives of others, and;
  • Challenge unspoken limitations and constraints related to barriers masked as traditions.

To submit content or contributor recommendations, please email ashley.spicerrunnels@gmail.com.


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