New Year, Same Me

Taylor James

Today marked the completion of my first Friday of the new school year as a new administrator, and instructor, at a new institution who welcomed its first freshman and sophomore class ever. Isn’t that a mouthful?! As an educator, the beginning of the school year is one of my favorite times because it marks the beginning of possibilities and the official defeat of many insecurities that prevent people from pursuing their education. It also marks the beginning of my official new year, including goals and all. This last year presented me with lots of growth, great opportunities, and experiences that have required me to push beyond the limits I thought were possible and truly test my belief in the importance of leaning into my own discomfort.


She DidI started The ASR Touch a little over a year ago with the intention of providing simple truths that would inspire others to work towards becoming a better version of themselves. The irony is that I forgot about simple advice that a mentor gave to me years ago: Be Still. My #DreamLaunchers live by a motto of “She Believed She Could, So She Did” and I’ve decided I’m going to keep on doing it. I’ve recognized that I haven’t taken enough time to just be still and cherish the moments of achievement or success. I mean seriously, when was the last time you looked yourself in the mirror, let that giddy laugh out (we all have one), and say “wow, I did that!”. New Year, New Me

While I think there is a lot of value in setting goals, I encourage you to just allow yourself to be awesome sometimes and bask in it. Why, you ask? The only answer I have for you is why not? At this point in life achievement has become a part of our DNA, which means you will continue to reach your goals, even when they are not clearly defined (you can’t help it!).

At the end of the day, it’s pretty simple. You shouldn’t want a new you, just one that keeps becoming more and more awesome!

Happy new year!



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