Time, Talent & Treasure: Rethinking the 3 T’s

3 tHow often do you think about how you give your time, talent and treasure, also known as the 3-T’s? I’m sure you’ve heard of this concept in various venues such as churches, non-profits, businesses and within the world of fundraising. Regardless of the origin, what I’ve always loved about this concept is that it can be applied to our interaction with others. As you all know, I’m in the business of helping others become the best version of themselves and the 3-T’s provides the perfect framework for kick-starting your journey to helping others.

  1. Time: Find someone to spend time with. This can be a new professional, graduate student, or anyone else that you see potential in. Sometimes the best thing you can do for a person is let them know that you see them. I worked with someone that often says people only need three things in life: To be seen, To be heard, & To know what they say matter. Time can take care of all of that!
  2. Talent: Find someone to share you talent with. Over the years my greatest complaint about my profession is that we too often place all of our eggs in one basket. If you have a particular talent, share it with someone. We all know that when teaching is involved, everyone benefits. The more you teach and share your talents, the more you sharpen the skill.
  3. Treasure: Find someone to spend your treasure on, and by treasure I mean your reputation. Think about all the people that have advocated for you over the years, including the times you don’t know about. Regardless of our past, there are people who value our word as though it is treasure. Why not use it to benefit someone else? In high school we called it reputation, as adults we call it a personal brand, but regardless, we have the ability to speak things into existence. If you see potential in someone, use your voice to advocate for them, even when they don’t know.

As you reflect on this concept, remember that you probably already do this for people without recognizing it. The question is, how many more lives would you impact it you were more intentional with implementing the 3-T’s framework to help others?

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