Is There Really a Human Race?

Have you ever had conversation with a child or listened to another person hold a conversation with a child? This is a daily occurrence in my household and has been for several years now. While I agree that children can say some of the sweetest things and can provide you with a healthy dose of truth at the most inappropriate time, the thing I love most about talking to my children is that they remind me that sometimes I lose sight of simplicity and overthink things. In fact they remind me that some of life’s toughest questions can be answered quite simply.

"Is There Really a Human Race" written by Jaime Lee Curtis & Laura Cornell
“Is There Really a Human Race” written by Jaime Lee Curtis & Laura Cornell

The Runnels boys love to read and one of their favorite books is called “Is There Really a Human Race?” written by Jaime Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell. The book is about a boy trying to figure out whether or not there is a human race, when it started, who he’s racing with or against, as well as many other questions. The book also includes the following short passage:

Do some of us win? Do some of us lose? Is winning or losing something I choose? Why am I racing? What am I winning? Does all of my running keep the world spinning? 

Sometimes we must be reminded of life’s most basic concepts. The first of which is that you do not have to lose in order for me to win. Generally speaking we are all pieces of a much larger body, so don’t be the pain in the neck (literally). Regardless of where you fall within the body, be exceptional and build a reputation of consistent quality.

The second thing is that you are responsible for the energy you bring to any circumstance, so choose wisely. So often we lose sight of the bigger picture, but don’t mistake a bad day for a bad life.

Finally, remember that above all, common sense should always prevail. People often talk about having a purpose or vision for their life, but for many of us, we must start with the why and what first. Figure out why you are here, at this specific institution, working with these specific people and then figure out what you are doing to achieve the why. Know that the answer will likely change as you gain more experiences, but the real lesson is that you sharpen the skill of understanding yourself.

I like to think that at some point we’ll all recognize that it’s our responsible to “make the world a better place, for the whole human race”.

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