Honor the space between no longer and not yet

Over the last week I’ve been so grateful for the support of those around me and I have been so happy knowing that my message impacted others. As I’ve considered what to share next, I have found that I’ve been overwhelmed with thoughts and perspectives that I’ve wanted to share. Like some things in life, I feel as though I’m in a perpetual state of hurry up and wait. It wasn’t until yesterday when I decided to go after another goal, becoming a runner (yikes!), that I realized I had forgotten one of my favorite ashleyisms:

Honor the space between no longer and not yet

Know that I am definitely not a runner and truly admire those that are. Why you ask? Well the truth is I’m not sure if my form looks silly, or if I’m slow or not, or if my body should feel the way it does when I’m running (completely and utterly exhausted!). Is it superficial? Well yes, it likely is, depending on your perspective. Regardless, yesterday I decided that I would take a step to move beyond my previously mentioned fears and run, or jog to some. Once I finished I had the same overwhelming feeling I had when considering what to write for this blog. It was then, as I lay completely and utterly exhausted on my living floor, that I realized that my run had moved me into the space beyond no longer and not yet. No longer was I the person thinking about running, I did it, but I had not been foolish enough to think that one run would make me a runner. The truth is that I realized I am in the exact place where I thrive, the in between.

Sometimes we’re so overwhelmed with the climb that we forget the achievement made in each step. Whether it’s every assignment submitted or every class completed, we must not forget the space that lies between points A and B. As we strive to progress in life and avoid stagnation, whether through formal processes, such as education, or by other means, such as relationships, it is important to remember that without truth there is no progress; truth that not only comes from within, but from those that around you all well.

We must learn to be honest with ourselves as well as others and we must also embrace the discomfort associated with feedback. If you didn’t know, feedback is love and sometimes it’s uncomfortable, but it’s absolutely necessary. Of course this doesn’t mean that everything provided to you should be taken as an exact fact, but use those opportunities to thread your own internal filter and strengthen the truth that comes from within. We are complex beings that live in a complex world and there are an unlimited amount of things we want to say, achieve and overcome in our lifetime, but if we don’t recognize and appreciate the space in between, we will never reach the other side of yet.

During the month of September I encourage you to reflect and identify those things in your life that are either at point A, B, or the space in between. Whether you’ve left something hanging out there in space that you need to finish or you’ve decided to stop admiring those that do and join the party, know that truth is the fuel that propels progress. I would also encourage you to extend that same courtesy to those around you that uplift you and your dreams and make sure that you provide them with truth grounded in kindness that will encourage to move closer to their not yet.

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