Hi, I’m ASR!

Hi everyone, I’m ASR! Well, not really. Technically I’m Ashley, but over time and a series of life experiences, opinions, and countless “Ashleyisms”, ASR was born.

Have you ever thought about how your friends would describe you? Well, I’m pretty confident that mine would chuckle and say “that’s just ASR”. I’m a multiracial millennial that can’t finish a movie without researching every piece of information related to it and has some type of quote or “Ashleyism” for nearly every moment.

The ASR Touch is a blog designed to help you become your most authentic self. Stop believing that you have to be one thing or another and focus on becoming your best self. If you’re like me, that includes a ton of things that are both independent and interdependent. There’s beauty in how you manage it all, even when it’s not pretty.

So as you prepare to take this journey with me and experience The ASR Touch, be prepared for practical complexity with a dash of simplicity. We’ll dabble in advice and perspectives on issues related to higher education as well as the most underutilized sense, common sense.

And most of all remember to #LiveAuthentic, #BeBlessed, #GoalTogether! Happy reading!

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